John Belushi Death


Dan and John spent one afternoon on the beach talking and the subject of their deaths came up. It was one of those conversations that good friends have sometimes. They were listening to a tape by the Ventures "2000-pound bee." The song was full of hard sounding guitars and it was the kind of music that was popular in the 60's with just a touch of punk. Aykroyd had one favor to ask of John. "You got to promise me something, " Aykroyd said. "If I die before you do, you have to play this tape at my funeral....because its..." Dan laughs..."Wouldn't it be great to lay this noisy, heavy tape on a church full of people!"

"Sure," John replied, "and you do the same for me." He was serious.

"Absolutely," Aykroyd promised. "Absolutely."


John loved the night life. He loved to party, to be wild, and to make people laugh. The late 1970's and early 80's was filled with drug use in Hollywood. Everywhere you looked drugs were there. The producers, the directors, and the other actors all seemed to be using them. John was no exception.

March 5, 1982. It was just another night for John, he was in his Chateau Bungalow #3 with some friends working on a movie script. Tonight John decided he wanted something to take him further than he had ever been. John unfortunately was injected by Kathy Smith with a speed ball. The mixing of heroin and cocaine that night had a cumulative effect on the brain, slowing down John's breathing and finally causing complete respiratory failure.

On Tuesday, March 9, John was buried in Abel's Hill Cemetery on Martha's Vineyard. Dan Aykroyd, who was in a black leather jacket and black jeans, led the funeral procession to the cemetery on his motorcycle. As the snow began to fall, James Taylor sang "That Lonesome Road."


On March 11, about 1,000 of John's family and friends attended a memorial service in New York at the Cathedral of Saint John Divine. As promised, Aykroyd took out a tape player and held it to the microphone and played "2000-pound bee" The audience was stunned at first but then began to laugh.