John Belushi - COLLEGE Sweatshirt


I bet you have seen this before right?

This poster graces the halls of many dorm room, fraternity house, and homes across the world.

One of the most requested questions that I receive is what are the orgins of this famous sweatshirt?

For many years on this site, I linked off to a guy who had claimed to make this very shirt, and I had no reason to doubt it validity...until...

I got corrected by the one person who really does know...Judith Belushi Pisano herself!

"In 1971 John was a student at U of I(Chicago) and at the end of that same year he earned a position at The Second City. He never took any courses at Southern U. nor spent any time there.  It is true that his brother earned a degree there. As for the creation of the "College" t-shirt, it was John's idea and he did go out on his own and have it made.  I am certain he had the shirt made specifically for the movie, which was shot in 1978, not '71. I'm sorry to say my memory is  vague, but I think he had it made in Eugene, OR. I lived with John from 1972 until his death, and I assure you the College shirt did not exist until "Animal House" was in production "