Matt started this site in 1995, after watching the Blues Brothers on TBS. First hosted at Geocities, the site moved around over the years, but one thing remained constant: Matt's dedication to providing an interesting, informative, easy to navigate website. And while creating a go-to location for many things Belushi, along the way Matt also created a sincere and compelling portrait of John. The Belushi family watched the site develop with interest, and over the years, were pleased to see how it evolved. We were especially happy to see that a good guy -- someone who only wanted to create a tribute worthy of the man -- was at the helm of For that we will be forever grateful.

It's been two decades since Matt took on the task of driving this train, and recently he made the difficult decision to take his leave. True to his nature, he kindly offered the site to the family -- and once again we are in his debt. 

So let's raise a blues harp to Matt, and officially baptize him, Matt "The Man" Oddo, our brother in blues. Thanks for everything, Man. Don't be a stranger.
Judy Belushi Pisano  

February 25, 2016