Animal House Celebrates 35 years!

Forget 7 years of College Down the Drain! Animal House turns 35!

Animal House - Where are they now?

35 years! Where are the cast of Animal House?

John Belushi Tribute Page - Keeping the memory of John Alive...since 1995!


John Belushi may have died many moons ago, but his legacy remains. Dorm rooms across the great nation have the infamous COLLEGE poster, and generations of folks still smile when they hear Soul Man.

I started this site in 1995, after watching the Blues Brothers on TBS. It was first hosted at Geocities, and has moved around over the years.

In lot's of ways - it has remained untouched over the last decade, as I struggled as to what to do with it. But the site still find's John Belush fans, and I thought I would still try to do my part, to keep the memory of John Alive!

Check out the links to the right - I will try to link to some current news, and update the sections where I can.